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Welcome to Kentucky TESOL

We support our KYTESOL members, teachers, professionals, and students during this challenging and ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We also support the recent TESOL Statement on Racial Injustice and Inequality, Link: or the downloadable copy (see attachment). "Let us all make sure that our thoughts, words, and actions contribute in some way to justice and equality for all!" Let us continue to remain strong, patient, supportive, and creative. We will get through all of this and come back stronger and better together with our students and through our reflections. Please remain safe and healthy! 

Our 2021 scholarship recipient is Esther Murebwa, who graduated from Waggener High School in Louisville. She is a native of Burundi and has four brothers and sisters. Together with her family, she fled to and was raised in Kenya, but they also lived in the Congo for some time. Her native language is Kinyarwanda. Esther is currently attending Campbellsville University pursuing a major in business administration.

Because of war and violence, Esther witnessed atrocities, endured horrible events, and saw family members getting killed. Finally, a group of people helped the family apply as refugees to come to the US. However, it took about six years for them to arrive in North Dakota, where she attended high school as a freshman. Then they moved to Louisville, and Esther was enrolled at Eastern High School in her sophomore year. She finally completed her high school education at Waggener High School.

Esther worked closely with Southeast Christian Church throughout her high school years and helped take care of her younger siblings and cousins. She also found the time to tutor other young people from her community.

We congratulate Esther for her accomplishments and endurance and wish her the best and much success in her university studies and future endeavors.

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