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Serving Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages since 1979

Welcome to Kentucky TESOL

We support our KYTESOL members, teachers, professionals, and students during this challenging and ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We also support the recent TESOL Statement on Racial Injustice and Inequality, Link: or the downloadable copy (see attachment). "Let us all make sure that our thoughts, words, and actions contribute in some way to justice and equality for all!" Let us continue to remain strong, patient, supportive, and creative. We will get through all of this and come back stronger and better together with our students and through our reflections. Please remain safe and healthy! 

SEE You Tomorrow, January 16!

Updates: Two Exciting Presentations Are Scheduled for the Third KYTESOL Live Support Session During the Pandemic!

 Dear KYTESOL Teachers and Educators: 

We have successfully hosted two PD support sessions since Aug, 2020. Participating teachers and educators have really appreciated the low-stress peer interaction, resources shared, tips learned from colleagues, and the opportunities to know how others in the State are working with the same situation!

Here are the updates about the upcoming sessions in the Spring of 2021. Please don't miss this great opportunity and come to join us!

Time: 11: 45 am to 12:45 noon (Eastern Time), Saturday 

Upcoming Sessions:

3rd Session: Jan 16

Theme: Getting Ready for the Spring Teaching at a New Level 



Dr. Christel Broady, Georgetown College, KYTitle: What If My Students Do Not Participate In, Engage With, And Learn in My NTI Classes? 

Dr. Christel Broady, Professor, Chairwoman of advanced graduate programs, and the Director of the ESL Teacher Education Program at Georgetown College, is an international leader in the field of ELT. She is a current member of the TESOL Board of Directors and has served in many leadership roles with KYTESOL (president), Southeast TESOL (organizer), EEIS (chair). She is an ESL/EFL materials developer. Her domestic and international leadership roles, publications, keynotes, plenary talks, presentations, awards, and recognitions are extensive. As an English Language Specialist for the US Department of State, Dr. Broady conducts assignments abroad. These activities allow her to learn about other countries from within from the ELT professionals, governments, and citizens with whom she works. As a mom and wife in a tri-cultural household, she is a fierce advocate for language teachers and learners, promoting language studies throughout the world. 

 Dr. Penelope Wong, Berea College, KY; Title: Breathing: A Simple Approach to De-Stressing

Dr. Penelope Wong is an Associate Professor of Education Studies in the teacher certification program at Berea College in Berea, KY.  In working with students who want to be K-12 teachers in the public schools, she has discovered many opportunities to potentially integrate contemplative practices and mindfulness into K-12 classrooms, particularly with respect to creating safe and respectful classroom cultures and school environments and in helping students cultivate compassion and self-regulate their emotions and behavior.  

4th Session: Mar 13

Theme: Effective Strategies & Practices to Move Forward 

SpeakersDr. Molly McComas, Director for Scott County Schools EL Program, KY; Mr. Niaz Khadem, ESL Instructor, Mayfield High School. 

See You All Soon on Jan 16, 2021 

Please register through the link right before you join the meeting when applicable!


PD Committee 



KYTESOL (Kentucky Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) offers a scholarship of $1,500 to an ESL/LEP student graduating from a Kentucky high school based on the availability of funding. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist a deserving student in pursuing a post-high school education. The scholarship will be dispersed in two installments at the beginning of the first and second semester and is to be used for tuition, books, and fees.

Scholarship Criteria / Eligibility:

* ESL/LEP student with a native language other than English

* Student must have been enrolled in ESL class(es) during middle or high school years.

* Graduating senior at a Kentucky high school

* 2.5 GPA or higher

* Student must be accepted into a two- or four-year post-secondary institution (college, university, vocational or technical school) in Kentucky.

*Student must start his/her course of study during the year of high school graduation.

* Student must demonstrate financial need.

* Student may not be the recipient of any major academic or sports scholarship or must not have accepted an appointment to a military academy.

Scholarship Application:

* Completed Application Form

* Personal Essay (typed double-spaced)

* Two letters of recommendations (one letter must be from a current high school teacher)

* High School Transcript

* Letter of acceptance from a college, university, vocational or technical school student plans to attend


Postmarked by March 15, 2021

Notification of Scholarship Award:

By May 15th, 2021

Mail completed application to the following address:

            Angie Reimer

            Guidance Counselor (ret.)

            115 South Miles Street

            Elizabethtown, KY 42701


Send email to:

KYTESOL 2020 Scholarship Recipient: Nasra Sherif

Meet one of our two 2020 KYTESOL scholarship recipients, Nasra Sherif, from Somalia. Due to the war in that country, she and her family had to flee to Ethiopia where they lived for about ten years. With the help of the WRO (World Relief Organization), they were resettled to the United States.

In adapting to her new country, Nasra showed patience, discipline, the ability to learn new skills, and practiced her leadership skills as well as excelled in volunteering at many places such as the Kentucky Science Center, Bowman Field, the Islamic Center, Whitney Young Elementary, and homeless shelters.

Her diverse goals for her future include becoming a Physician’s Assistant or even a commercial pilot, since planes have fascinated her since her childhood. Nasra has been accepted by Eastern Kentucky University and we wish her much success in reaching her goals.

Image preview

KYTESOL Scholarship Recipient 2020: Daylen Alberti Naranjo

Meet our 2020 KYTESOL scholarship winner Daylen Alberti Naranjo from Holguin, Cuba. Already during her elementary and middle school years she showed leadership skills by being classroom president every year. Like many other ESL students, she initially struggled to adapt to her new surroundings, the new culture, and the new language in the United States. The ESL Program at the Newcomer Academy in Louisville provided a transition for her to be successfully enrolled in a regular high school.

During her high school years, Daylen received many awards and remained on the honor roll with a perfect GPA.  This student also participated in community service activities, such as being part of the Adelante College Corps which prepares Hispanic teenagers for college.  In the classrooms settings, she assisted teachers and students alike and dedicated much of her time to peer tutoring.

Daylen’s goals for the future are to get a job to help support her family, to study Spanish, and to become a nurse. Bellarmine University has offered her an institutional award which will help her to fulfill her dreams.  We wish her much success in any of her endeavors.

KYTESOL Scholarship

Goal: $5,000.00
Collected: $0.00
Every year, KYTESOL offers a college scholarship to eligible Kentucky ESL/LEP students.

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