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In order to recognize outstanding teachers and professionals in teaching and serving ESL/ELL students in the State, the Board of KYTESOL has established the KYTESOL Teacher of the Year Annual Award starting from 2018.

KYTESOL Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Ginny Garner

Congratulations to Mrs. Ginny Garner, a recipient of the KYTESOL Teacher of the Year Award for this year.


Mrs. Ginny Garner is an ESL/Bilingual teacher at Mayfield Elementary. What she has found from her teaching experiences are a new love for teaching young students, a passion for advocating for the needs of our diverse learners, and an ever-evolving understanding of how best to serve our kids. Her school is home to nearly two hundred kindergarten through fourth grade EL students, and her achievement in teaching and service for the students are outstanding.

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